I am an artist focused on the effects of digitisation on society. I’m eager to know how this system works where we change our behaviour from offline to online. Ever since I experienced the consequences up close myself when I went to the physiotherapist for the pain in my arm. This pain started because of my excessive phone use, or -as others stated- phone addiction. Since then I started researching in the fields of creativity, technology and data, and dove into the world of the effects of digitisation on society.

Graduated excellent
SintLucas - Graphic Design

Best in Show - nominee
Willem de Kooning - AD Branding & Packaging

Design Intern
Studio Lauda
aug 2019 - okt 2019

High5 Products
feb 2017 - aug 2019

Design Intern (Graduation)
feb 2018 - jun 2018
Design Intern
High5 Products
aug 2016 - feb 2017

BA Advertising & Beyond
Willem de Kooning Academy
2020 - Now

AD Branding & Packaging Design
Willem de Kooning Academy
2018 - 2020

Graphic Design
2014  - 2018