Jobsize: individual 
Art Direction: Gwen de Krijger
Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Premiere
Machines: -
Local and indigenous knowledge refers to the understandings, skills and philosophies developed by societies with long histories of interaction with their natural surroundings. The practice of sharing was held to be utmost importance to Inuit. It started with the essential sources of knowledge about the past.
The Carbon Cloud Calculator is the first tool that allows users to quickly and easily quantify the carbon footprint of their mobile data. Most users are unaware of the amount of carbon dioxide they emit through daily phone use. This installation creates an irritating experience where people see and hear the effect on the air.
Your carbon footprint on the internet includes emissions associated with key mobile network infrastructure but excludes the actual mobile phone itself. It’s a simple way to quantify the environmental impact of mobile usage. 
Case video - Carbon Cloud Calculator
Introduction application
Carbon cloud result

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