Jobsize: 2 persons
Art Direction: Gwen de Krijger & Elske Salomé
Programs: Adobe Photoshop
Machines: several woodworking machines
The cemetery is an important place and function in the society that already has it in the field of mourning and resignation for the deceased, also for people can serve as a beacon of self-reflection, meditation and self exploration..
The project offers a way to reflect on life when one is among the dead. The combination of what has been and your current place in the cemetery makes it personal; it moves into an interesting shape and blends with the cemetery. The sounds and activity of the city fade away as you reach the cemetery. Nature comes to life, and a peaceful atmosphere prevails. The majority of individuals go to the cemetery to pay their respects to a loved one.  By gazing down, you can gaze up. Watch the clouds, the stars, and the birds go past; you are there to see them in this one-of-a-kind moment. And take time to contemplate, watch, think, or simply be. Nobody other will have the same experience as you; this is your moment.
The entrance of the experience
By framing people and limiting distractions, the project creates new insights. With your head to the ground, but still in contact with the air. Every experience is unique. That way it is not claustrophobic and open, you look up at an infinity. By day with the sky and clouds and by night with the stars.
The experience between graves.